Friday, June 24, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Cardboard Couture

Electric Grape Carnival Necklace,

Lemon Snack Attack Corsage Necklace,

Everyday Carnival Necklace,

Remember when I said that Jello Temptations should come out with a lemon-flavored dessert so I could make a snappy yellow Snack Attack Corsage necklace? Well, I found out that they already did and that it isn't too tasty. Still, I was willing to suffer through the sub-par snack cup to be able to add a new flavor to my collection :)

In related news, yet another cardboard package inspired me to make a funky neckpiece. See those pink and purple striped triangular-looking charms in the Electric Grape Carnival Necklace? They were once package backings for some silk flower jewelry accents I'd bought. As soon as I saw those wild colors, I thought, there's something brewing here. They were the reason, in fact, that I ordered all those rhinestone beads from Consumer Crafts,

These cardboard creations nearly make the Everyday Carnival Necklace look plain Jane - or perhaps I should say "everyday" - by contrast.

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