Monday, May 25, 2015

On the Topic of Tropics and Happy Memorial Day

Top: Macy's
Culottes: Arie, Marshalls
Shoes: Dollhouse, Marshalls
Bag: J. C. Penney's
Sunglasses: J. C. Penney's

Kimono: Marshalls
Camisole: Casual Corner outlet
Jeans: l.e.i., J. C. Penney's
Bag: Nine West, Boscov's
Shoes: Nine West, DSW
Belt: Izod, Marshalls
Sunglasses: Candie's, Kohl's

Eight Legs of Lovely Necklace

Top: J. C. Penney's
Skirt: Marshalls
Shoes: Kohl's
Bag: Gifted
Belt: Wet Seal
Sunglasses: Rampage, Boscov's

Few parts of the United States can be described as tropical, except for Hawaii and maybe Florida and California.  Still, as the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day seems like prime time to unfurl the foliage, wherever you are.  So, if you're fond of fronds and have a heart for hibiscus, then you'll like these luau-worthy looks.  I, for one, am partial to the bottoms in outfit number one.  "Culottes and parrots?" I thought when I saw them jutting out haphazardly from a Marshalls clearance rack. "Now, that's what I call kitsch kismet."  I haven't sported a pair of culottes since the second grade (and a real dress code conundrum they posed, too.  Is it a skirt?  Or, gulp, shorts?  And [most importantly] are they fingertip length?), so the pull of these throwback threads was mighty powerful.  Not unlike that of the fetching and surprisingly versatile skirt in outfit number three, which I snagged for myself while shopping for a birthday gift for someone else (also, incidentally, in Marshalls).  Upon hearing this, the husband quipped, "It's the American way."  Indeed.  And so what better time than Memorial Day to admit it?

*Let the record show, I later bought the birthday gift in question, once safely at my computer, away from the bright, seductive lights of Marshalls' juniors section and lulled by the sedative-like white noise of "Seinfeld" reruns.

Speaking of paradise, (for we were, even if merely through rayon-poly prints), I'm looking forward to the movie Aloha.  Having seen three good movies in the past couple of months (I'm hesitant to call them chick flicks because, to me, those can be only rom coms --it must be the rhyming thing), I want to keep the cinematic spark burning.  The Age of Adeline, Cinderella, and The Longest Ride tell of true love triumphing over something, whether it be time, social disparity, or a bull-headed devotion to extreme sports.  I enjoyed them, just as I'm sure I'll enjoy saying hi to Aloha.

Because summer's just something to look at unless you get to the heart of the palm.

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