Sunday, December 13, 2015

Home on the Strange

Leopard top: Express, Marshalls
Cami: So, Kohl's
Skirt: So, Kohl's
Shoes: Ami Clubwear
Bag: Delia's
Coat: BCBG, Macy's
Sunglasses: J. C. Penney's
Belt: Gifted 

Top: Marshalls
Jeans: Mudd, Kohl's
Shoes: Call it Spring, J. C. Penney's
Bag: Betsey Johnson, Ross
Sunglasses: Rampage, Boscov's

Some saggy baggy elephant leg tie-dyed tights that I cut, sewed, and braided into a belt. Waist not want not, I always say.

Tee: So, Kohl's
Cami: So, Kohl's
Jeans: Vanilla Star, Target
Shoes: Betseyville, Macy's
Bag: Gifted
Jacket: Candie's, Kohl's
Belt: We Love Colors tights repurposed by The Tote Trove
Sunglasses: J. C. Penney's

Rustic Rainbow Necklace

Sweater: Mossimo, Target
Tank: Mossimo, Target
Skirt: Bar III, Macy's
Shoes: a. n. a., J. C. Penney's
Bag: Gifted
Coat: Worthington, J. C. Penney's

If I haven't said so before, Brigantine is a beautiful island brimming with places to walk and things to see.  Which is fine and dandy in the summer.  But once fall digs in its (cute boot-shod) heels, I always fear that I'll be forced to hang up my sneakers.  Not this year.  I found that I kind of like the crisper weather (although to be fair, it's been a lot less crisp than usual, courtesy of El Nino).  For one thing, when I want to snap a few pictures, it's easier to shed the gloves than it is to trowel on more sunscreen.  Also, there's something strange yet peaceful about seeing summery landmarks at rest and -- in a sense -- out of context after the summer people have all headed home.  Kind of like catching a rodeo clown in sweats on his day off -- watching a documentary.  Because a beach is like a range, seaweed and tumbleweed and lobsters and scorpions all second cousins cartwheeling across the same sandy stage.  (And apparently a range is like a desert, given the bent of my metaphors.)  This week's pieces reflect this design dichotomy, adornments, as they were, for dune buggy and pickup drivers alike.  

'Cause ladies can drive pickups, too.  Although admittedly not this lady.  Now, for a few sights I've seen:


We Love Colors said...

That's a great idea to recycle unwanted tights!! :D

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks so much for following and for your comment. I loved these tights; the quality is excellent, the colors are incredibly vibrant, and the tie-dye patterns are the most unique that I've ever seen. Which is why I wore them over and over again even though they were a little bit big. Then the last time I wore them, I thought, why not make them into something else? I'm so glad I did; now I can enjoy them forever!