Monday, June 12, 2017

Ring Beader of the Rack: Circle Circus

There's a lot of questionable stuff out there about rings.  For example, Lord of the Rings, The Ring, and, to get away from movie franchises, that mysterious custom-made ring in season 3 of "Friends" that turned out to be a wrestling ring instead of the engagement ring that Monica wanted from millionaire Pete Becker.  (It may be twenty years too late, but that one still calls for a hey, Jon Favreau, get with the program!)  That said, I limit my own ring flings to the jewelry kind. Costume jewelry, that is ('cause what else am I gonna wear to the circus?).  And last week I scored some new spring bling from fellow Etsy shop PinkBopp.

This pink, red, and yellow stunner of a statement piece is kitschy, kawaii, retro, and Lolita -- a confectionery cornucopia of all my favorite styles!  (For more fancy finds and fab fashion, hop on over to PinkBopp's sweet blog.)  Yep, I've got to, ahem, hand it to shop owner Samantha Walker; she nailed it.  And only partly because this piece inspired me to paint my usually naked nails and buy (and then eat!) these cherry gummy candies.  This ring isn't just rad.  It's versatile, so much so that I just know it'll be the icing on oodles of outfits.  

Pretty precious, huh?  Somehow, I don't think Gollum can still say the same.


Samantha Walker said...

eeeee!!! It looks so cute on you and your nails look lovely! Those gummy cherries look delicious, too! Thanks for the shout out and enjoy your ring! :) Love the reference to Lord of the Rings and Friends too, by the way!

Dressed With Soul said...

In the past I had a huge collection of funny rings and I love also the ring you show today here! I remember I wore each day such a ring and liked it :)
xx Rena