Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas Treasure Chest Tote Trove Style

Remember that crackerjack of a handmade Christmas present idea I had for my mom? Well, here it is. I was trying to think of an interesting new handmade gift that wasn't a tote bag or a piece of jewelry when it hit me. Why not hand paint a treasure chest-shaped wooden box and fill it with costume jewelry and chocolate gold coins? I mean, I would love it if someone gave me a gift like that. So, I hunted down the box at Michaels, then set to work drawing the design freehand. Originally, I planned to make a couple of necklaces to mix in with the store-bought ones. Yet like most good intentions, this one fell by the wayside, especially as December 25 crept closer and I struggled to finish painting the box. Speaking of which, I would've liked more time to add another coat of paint and then spray on an acrylic finish. But Mom, in the tradition of moms everywhere, seemed to love it anyway, flaws and all.

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