Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Elloh Christmas and Other Etsy Buys

Now that all the Christmas gifts have been opened, it's time to unveil those that I bought on Etsy. As always, funky finds from the beloved Elloh,, played a starring role. I bought two of her wonderfully quirky screen printed dishtowels and an always crowd-pleasing heirloom of the future ornament for my sister. In turn, my sister bought two of her dishtowels for me. She also bought a print for her boyfriend, which turned out to be of the Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame, the very same motif that graced one of the dishtowels I gave her. Oh, how we laughed Christmas morning.

Abe Surfing Dishtowel from given to me by my sister.

Ode to Julia Child and her Favorite Ingredient Butter Dishtowel from, also given to me by my sister.

And now we're up to the gifts I gave her. Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner Limited Edition Ornament from the Heirloom of the Future Series by

You're Gonna Make it After All Dishtowel by

Presidential Facial Hair Hall of Fame Dishtowel from (Check out Van Buren, Honorable Mention, skulking at the bottom :)

Lace Bow Necklace from My sister put it on that day, as she did with last year's Mama's Little Babies necklace.
Summer Berries and Cream Charm Bracelet by This one was for my mom. She stared, turning it over in her hands as she said, "Somebody made this?" That's a compliment for handmade jewelry if ever I heard one!

Buffalo Wings and Celery soap by fellow EtsyNJian The bf thought these would be a riot for his sister (we haven't confirmed this yet, as we haven't gotten together for our gift exchange. But I don't think she reads this, so we're good :) In case you're wondering, they don't smell like wings. I actually had an extensive and sophisticated list of scents from which to choose. (In case you're wondering, I went with a nice vanilla blend.)
This lovely headband trio was for Mom and comes to us from EtsyNJ's own Here we have the Black and White Houndstooth model.
Beige, Red, and Black Plaid Headband from

Black and White Wildflower Headband from

How charming is this Needle Felted Mama Bird and Nest? It's for the bf's mom, and it too hails from an EtsyNJ creator,

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