Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At the Movies: (Handbag Heaven and Some Thoughts on) Sex and the City 2

This weekend the bf surprised me with two handmade sets of hooks for my handbags. I'd been keeping them in two places: in a heap on the floor in a corner and scrunched into a small free-standing closet. But with the hooks in place I could free up the floor for some of my shoes and rearrange the purses in the closet. Now, if only I could get one of those revolving closets like they had in Clueless. Or even just a walk-in closet. The bf, by the way, says that I'm a nerd for reporting all of this. He's right, of course, but I'm kind of hoping it comes off as charm.

Speaking of fashiony movies, my mom and I saw Sex and the City II last Saturday. I'd read that it promised to be "a romp" compared to the first movie, which, quite frankly, I found hugely disappointing. But this was one case in which the sequel surpassed the original. The setting of Abu Dhabi inspired a wardrobe that was even more ornate and over-the-top than usual, which was great fun. But the best part was the movie's willingness to "go there" instead of neatly tying up every dicey romantic situation in pretty bows. So many TV shows and movies take the cut-and-dry happily-ever-after approach to marriage and relationships, which I find kind of insulting. But Sex and the City II recognizes that people continue to evolve beyond the "I do's". This is not to say that marriage takes a hit in the movie. On the contrary, it's the characters' willingness to deal with their issues that make their marriages more real and, therefore, stronger.

But enough with the heaviness. Who's your favorite Sex and the City character? Although I've always fought it, I'd have to go with Charlotte. Clearly the goody-two-shoes idealist of the group, she always seemed a little silly to me. To her, every little blip was a crisis, and everything always had to be perfect. She took everything seriously, but no one really took her seriously. Then it dawned on me that I'm a bit of a perfectionist goody-two-shoes who takes things too seriously, much as I hate to admit it. Hmmm. Funny how that works.


Kimberly Marquez said...

Whew, that looks like my purse collection! I finally stole a closet in my house just for purses! It's ridiculous!!

The Tote Trove said...

Yay! It always makes me ridiculously happy to hear about other women with purse/shoe/clothes/accessory obsessions. Keep collecting :)