Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh My Gosh, It's Another Shoe Montage and Sex and the City 2 Revisited

I've been at it again. Here's a festive grouping of my most recent footwear acquisitions and the rundown on where I snagged them:

From the left:

Multi-colored floral print: Madden Girl, DSW
Hot pink and black plaid: Baby Phat, Macy's
Red patent with triangle cut-outs: Rampage, DSW
Pink glitter: Guess, DSW
Yellow and purple ankle strap with rosette: Anne Michelle, Alloy
Blue T-strap with zipper accents: Dollhouse, Marshalls
Blue buckle flats: Rocketdog, Marshalls
Multi-colored leopard peep toes: Nine West, Macy's
Pink floral peep toes: Candie's, Kohl's
Variegated blue sequins: Nina, DSW

Speaking of shoes, I think this would be a good time to reopen my discussion about Sex and the City 2. Since posting about it a couple of weeks ago fresh from the theater, I've heard and read many other people's reactions and was surprised to find that they were, on the whole, unfavorable. Many viewers (and reviewers) attacked the foursome's lavish wardrobe, deeming it inappropriate and unrealistic, especially in this economy. Well, to that I say this. First, it's a movie and has no responsibility to represent the economy or anything else. Second, it's Sex and the City and has no responsibility to represent what "real" women wear. Several critics even went as far as to say that the characters were spoiled and self-indulgent. I find this especially odd because I've always perceived Sex and the City as sending a feminist message. The series showed that women should and can do whatever they want without waiting for a man's approval. And if what they want is to buy shoes, then no one has the right to stop them (well, except for maybe Visa). Who is to say that they're shallow? Isn't making such a judgment in and of itself sexist? Far from being superficial, I think that Sex and the City 2 went out of its way to highlight and celebrate women's rights. Miranda, an accomplished lawyer, leaves her firm after suffering the chauvinism of her boss. Charlotte, a full-time mom, regains some of her independence and sanity by taking some "me" time in Carrie's old apartment. Samantha manages to flee Abu Dhabi (with Miranda's help) after almost being arrested for having sex on the beach. And Carrie discovers that being "Mrs. Married" to Big's "Mr. Married" is far better than the heartache and uncertainly of single life and just what she wants after all. These characters aren't tired stereotypes of "yes" women. They've fearless! And funny! If nothing else, I can't believe that so many people preferred the angst-ridden and bleak first Sex and the City movie to this raucous, fantastic, and ultimately uplifting adventure.

I'm glad I said my piece. I feel much better :)

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