Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Gift Card Holders Have Arrived!

Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder,

Cookies for Santa Christmas Gift Card Holder,

Green Bow Candy Cane Christmas Gift Card Holder,

A Christmas Gift Card Holder Montage!

I've finally emerged from my crafting-induced hibernation to blog about the Christmas gift card holders I've been working on these past few weeks. I listed all 18 of them (each sells for $8) on Etsy this morning and was pleased to find that my Snowman Holiday Gift Card Holder was already included in a treasury. You can check it out here:

I rather enjoy writing my item listings and had a particularly good time writing these. Here's the listing for the above pictured Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder:

"You've got the gift card. Now all you need is a festive little bag to present it in! This hand-painted, one-of-a-kind Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder from The Tote Trove may be just the thing! A Christmas tree bordered by presents pops against a painted red background in this cheerful holiday motif. At 6" w x 5.5" h, the Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder is the ideal size for gift cards. It's also perfect for gifting small treasures such as lip balms and candies. Best of all, it makes a nice keepsake for your friend or loved one to enjoy for Christmases to come!

I created the Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder in my smoke and pet free studio by drawing the design in pencil, freehand, on the tote, and then painting it with two coats of acrylic fabric paint. Once dry, I applied an iron to the opposite side of the paint to seal it. The Presents Under the Tree Christmas Gift Card Holder is waterproof and ready to ship.

*Please do not machine wash tote. Gentle spot cleaning with water is recommended.

Be sure to check out my Christmas Items section for more Christmas gift card holders! (See the thumbnail photo included here for a sneak peak :)

For more unique art and accessories, please visit my shop at Thank you for your visit and have a lovely holiday!"

(I like to think all my catalog reading has finally paid off. Truth be told, I've always been a little jealous of Elaine's J. J. Peterman catalog writing gig on "Seinfeld.")

Initially, these bags were going to be it for my holiday line. But then I got to thinking, and before I knew it, the idea monster had nabbed me again, and I was in line in A. C. Moore with a basketful of felt and all sorts of other random items (including 10 large foil stars to hang from my living room ceiling for Christmas. But more on that later.) So, tomorrow the Christmas-themed fabulous felt necklace-making adventure begins. Once that's done, it's on to more neutral fare such as felt hamburger and cupcake necklaces. What can I say; junk food just makes me feel at home.

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