Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fattening and Festive: A New Kind of Ice Cream Sandwich (Or is It?)

I'd never heard of "The Original" Fat Boy ice cream sandwich until tonight's trip to the grocery store. (If anyone has heard of this campy-sounding frozen delight, then please don't be shy about owning up to it in a comment.)

I had to buy them. (Even though up until the frozen food aisle I'd proudly been heaping my cart with fresh fruit.) How could I not? The name, the mint, and the tantalizing photograph all conspired to lure me into a world governed by impulse spending and empty calories.

Other Fat Boy snacks include egg nog ice cream sandwiches and some sort of popsicle called peppermint sundae on a stick. The egg nog sounds promising; the sundae not so much.

I'll let you know if the mint is a keeper.

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