Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Games and Goodies

Every now and then I like to make some jewelry that's just for me. I've always loved necklaces made from kawaii erasers (I can still remember how amused and dazzled I was when I first saw them for sale in several Etsy shops) and felt the urge to add some more to my collection.

I made the first necklace with a bunch of fruit- and dessert-themed erasers I've been sitting on since my birthday. I applied a coat of clear nail polish to each one for shine and protection from dirt. Then I stabbed each with what I can only imagine are earring findings (metal rods topped with loops), fed a jump ring through each loop, and hung each charm from a chain.

The second necklace is made from - believe it or not - a miniature Candyland game that doubles as a key chain. The "box" actually opens into a magnetic board, complete with tiny cards and two tiny gingerbread men playing pieces! (I apologize for not taking a picture of this and will be sure to do so the first time I wear it :) I found the key chain at Five Below (it was one of the pricey $5.00 items) among a collection of others featuring such other classic board games as Sorry!, Trouble, Clue, and Twister.

Speaking of Five Below, I found the key lime pie eraser charm that stars as the pendant for the last necklace there also (another $5.00 item). It was already packaged in the plastic case, complete with a hole at the top, which was ideal for adding a jump ring.

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