Monday, September 10, 2012

Corny Cookies Take the Cake

I was standing in line at Target yesterday with my basketful of toiletries when I saw a display of candy corn-flavored Oreos.  I had heard about them from the fiance (who makes it his business to be in the know about such things) and was surprised to see that the display was nearly depleted despite it technically still being summer.  There was nothing for it but to toss a day-glo box in with my Skintimate shave gel and organic deodorant.  So far I'd tried the mint, peanut butter, berry blast, orange Creamsicle, and coconut varieties and felt honor-bound to keep the experimentation going.  So, how were they?  Like a super-concentrated shot of vanilla birthday cake icing.  Which is to say, delicious (although not nearly as good as the mint ones).  I can't wait to see what new flavor winter brings.  Eggnog, perhaps?  Or maybe cinnamon?  I'm game for anything so long as it's not fruitcake.   

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Jewel Divas Style said...

We've only gotten the plain Oreos in Australia this year. I thought the biscuit was a bit bitter in flavour and overall nothing special.

We've had biscuits like this in Australia for decades.