Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Fancy Feast (but Not the Cat Kind) and a Fruitcake

Yesterday I was elated to find a Figi's Christmas catalog in the mail.  In this day of email blasts and virtual stores, there's something to be said for curling up on the sofa and thumbing through page after glossy page of beautiful things.  Figi's happens to be a gourmet food gift catalog and one of several I used to delight in perusing as a child.  I'd imagine all the glamorous people sending each other cheese tortes, baklava, sugared fruit slices, and whole hams.  This year I was particularly tempted by the chocolate-covered potato chips and the mint chocolate cake roll, even as I was put off (and downright flummoxed) by the build-your-own-Reuben kit and antelope sausage.  But, to each his or her own!

Of course, no Christmas food retailer is worth its salt without offering the ubiquitous fruitcake.  Seeing Figi's version reminded me of an especially choice item hibernating in my Etsy favorites:

How cute is this?!  I can't tell you how much I want to carve a place for it in my cluttered cottage (which is saying something considering that I've yet to clear a space for my tree).  I love how the Christmas-bright colors and cute face light up a confection universally accepted to be cringe-worthy.  Such contrast! Such humor!  Such a statement for the season of letting bygones be bygones!      

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