Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Color Me Happy

Turtleneck: Target
Tank: Mossimo, Target
Skirt: Abbey Dawn, Kohl's
Shoes: Rocket Dog, DSW
Bag: Bisou Bisou, J. C. Penney's

Dress: Olsenboye, J. C. Penney's
Shoes: Alloy
Bag: Delia's
Leggings: UK Style by French Connection for Sears

Sweater: Marshalls
Skirt: Abbey Dawn, Kohl's
Shoes: Dollhouse, Marshalls
Bag: Nahui Ollin
Jacket: Candie's, Kohl's

Not too long ago I was watching Yes, Man for the umpteenth time and was struck by this line from Zooey Deschanel's free-spirited Allison:

"The world's a playground! You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it."

I thought to myself, hey, there's a lot of truth to that.  We buy kids art sets and games designed to fuel their creativity only to squash those same impulses years later (cue "I won't grow up/I don't wanna wear a tie/Or a serious expression/In the middle of July").  And that's kind of sad.  So, in the spirit of fighting the sadness, I decided to crack open the (Lisa Frank!) coloring books I got as a gift last Christmas:  

Here's some of my handiwork:

I'm not ashamed to report that coloring proved to be a lot harder than I remembered, especially when trying to shoehorn the thick crayon points into the decidedly dainty spaces of the more detailed pictures (that Ms. Frank is a deceptively wily one).  But I have plenty of pages left, so there's hope that I can one day achieve the skill set of a five-year-old. Perhaps then the creativity will really be flowing.

In keeping with the whole coloring book theme, I've posted some rephotographed neckwear led by none other than the Crayon Box Corsage.     

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