Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Islands and Black Holes and Other Locales

Dress: Venus
Tee: Material Girl, Macy's
Shoes: Guess, DSW
Bag: XOXO, Ross

Dress: Kohl's
Shoes: Barefeet Shoes
Bag: Target

Top: Gap
Skirt: Marshalls
Shoes: Alloy

This Island Beat Necklace is the last of my tissue box creations.  Which saddens me a little, especially given my fruitless online search for novelty Kleenex boxes hiding out in a warehouse or some Sam's Club shopper's basement.  But no matter.  There's a whole world of pretty packaging out three to be pillaged.  In particular, I'm hoping to score some unicorn-emblazoned folders.  But the generosity of the retail gods remains to be seen.

Speaking of which, I found the extraterrestrials of the Awesome Aliens Necklace in orbit in the Target dollar spot.  They're actually silicone drink markers cleverly coined as "Space Invaders":

I glued them on these black holes of felt splotches, sealing their fate with a choking helping of glitter glue.  Today's Target run netted some even more enchanting cheapies, which I plan to put to use some time after Christmas.  

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