Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Been a Long Time Since . . .

From top left, clockwise: Coral pump, Ami Clubwear; Floral print pump, Shoe Dept; Glitter pump, DSW; Mint flat, J. C. Penney's; Teal metallic sandal, Payless; Floral flat, Payless; Mint cap toe pump: Ami Clubwear.

All four pairs from Payless.

. . . we've had a shoe montage!  So long, in fact, that it was 2012.  Here's a sampling of some of the shoes I've stockpiled since then.  A whopping six pairs came from Payless, a place I haven't frequented in nearly a decade.  Browsing online one night, I fell in love with their retro-inspired, soda-shoppe-shaded T-straps, so much so that I couldn't help but buy them in all four colors and then snap them Warhol-style.  I was wearing the yellow pair while browsing the jewelry supply aisle in Michaels when a salesperson (at least I think she was a salesperson) commented that she liked them, then segued into a tribute to Whoopi Goldberg's fancy footwear as featured on "The View."  I thanked her, promising to Google the celebrated accessories, and then we went our separate ways, me toward the checkout to pay for my baubles and she, presumably, to disappear back into the bowels of the stockroom.

See that.  Shoes, bringing people together, right there amid the jump rings and pendants.  Such things do my heart (and feet!) good.

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Michelle said...

Those coral ones are fantastic!!