Friday, July 31, 2009

Scarves, Belts, & Sashes: Oh My!

They say that accessories make the outfit . . . and they're right! There's nothing more fun than transforming a plain black skirt and top into something edgy, girly, bohemian, retro, or any other style with just a few key touches. You can do it again and again to create endless looks, kind of like dresing up a paper doll. (Speaking of paper dolls, they were great, weren't they? I'm feeling the urge to sniff some out on Etsy . . .) Here's a selection of some of my favorite belts, etc. All were bargain basement/clearance rack finds. I like mixing the patterned scarves with different patterned shoes and purses in the same color family for a carefree yet pulled-together look.

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