Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tales from the Trove - One Woman Show in My Office Lobby

I kicked off the 2010 craft show season with my one-woman show in the lobby of my office building this past Tuesday and Wednesday. This show was different from any I'd done previously. It was the first indoor show I'd done, which also meant it was the first show I did sans tent and the first time I set up alone. As you know, the bf is always available to assist with such tasks, but the work week time slot threw things off kilter a little. But I hauled everything in with no problem. To be honest, I welcomed the exercise.

I busted out brand new tablecloths, shelving my old hot pink and black satin for fresh new polka dotted cotton. I also got to test run all of the new jewelry displays, which I'd purchased online and at Marshalls, knowing that I'd have limited display space. (I usually hang all the totes from hot pink clothesline along the tent walls, leaving the tables open for the jewelry.) I couldn't hang my new banner either because it too requires the support of the tent. But all in all, I think everything looked pretty good. The bf once joked that I'd probably love to have my display set up in the house 24/7. He's right! Even after having done lots shows, I never get sick of being surrounded by all of my colorful things. It puts me in a nice frame of mind.

Now it's time to book myself for the rest of the summer and fall. I just heard that I've been accepted to the Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival, to be held on July 10 and 11, which is exciting. Other than that I've got the Annual Cape May Promenade Craft Show on August 14 and 15 and the Millville Arts, Music, and Antiques Festival on September 11. I have at least seven more shows that I want to do, which means I need to get cracking on applications.


Deepshade Creations said...

The display looks great! I never would have thought to find displays at Marshall's of all places.

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks! I know; I kind of just stumbled upon them.