Friday, April 2, 2010

Introducing Photo Shoot Fridays

It's no secret that I like to post pictures of myself in my favorite outfits. But you may have noticed that I haven't posted any lately. Not because I'm not wearing anything interesting, mind you, but because the bf and I are just too busy to photograph as often as we (OK, I) would like. So I thought, how can I maintain the outfit momentum without it becoming a nuisance? And that's when it came to me - I'll post just one outfit a week, on Friday. It may be a picture taken that day, or it may be something I unearthed from my considerable archives (such as today's -rest assured that I did not sport a faux fur coat on this glorious spring afternoon).

To add to the fun, I've decided to invite you - yes, you - to submit your pictures for possible posting (I'd let you know ahead of time about your day in the limelight, so you could blog, Facebook, tweet, or whatever). You can be wearing something handmade, vintage, or straight off a department store rack - I don't care, as long as it's fab. Please email all photos to me at for consideration.

Now, about today's outfit. I've dubbed it "primarily primal," (um, because of the primary colors and leopard). I'm wearing a KensieGirl dress I got on sale at Macy's. I'd been lusting after it for ages, and there was only one left in my size, so I knew the time had come to make it my own. The girl who rang me up approved, adding that she'd wear some funky, crazy colored pumps with it (but of course). I myself opted for classic black patent hooker boots (sorry that you can barely see them) this time but foresee countless other "sole" mates being paired with it. (That was bad, I know. The bf and I are both suckers for a good pun, and spending so much time together has made our cheesy word spinning powers insufferable.)

My awesomely edgy, rainbow chainmaille bracelet is the handiwork of EtsyNJ's own Deepshade Creations. You may recall that I posted a feature about Deepshade's cool jewelry a few weeks back. Not for the first time, I fell for one of a featured artist's pieces. I'm glad I nabbed this one, because it's delightfully punky and goes with everything.

The aforementioned faux fur leopard coat has been in my closet for years and was a birthday gift from my mom. The belt is fraying a bit, but I think that gives it character.

As for the yellow clutch, you've seen it many, many times before. It's Chinese Laundry and is a great staple piece, even if it is kind of annoying to hold while shopping. I think my mom bought that for me too.

That's all for now. Have a fashionably fun Easter. And if any of you break out an Easter bonnet, then I want to know about it :)


spoozyliciouzz said...

I was wondering wether you quit entertaining your followers and if so, for what reason...but glad you´re back. Your choice was great that day...keep it steadily going :)

The Tote Trove said...

I know; I'm so sorry about that. My first craft show of the year is coming up in a week and a half, and I got sort of sucked into upping my inventory. But I love blogging and knew it was high time to return :)

Deepshade Creations said...

That dress is hot! I can't believe you got it at Macy's--it looks like it should have come from a little indie city boutique. Love the zipper.

It makes my day to hear that cuff described as "awesomely edgy" and "delightfully punky." That's pretty spot-on for how I feel when I wear my pink and green one--cute, but also just a little bit badass, haha.

These outfit posts are the best--I'm looking forward to next Friday! Good luck with the craft show--which one is it?

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks! The show is just one I'm doing at work. I give a (small) percentage of my earnings to the daycare center there. I'll be the only person selling and it's for two days, so it's a pretty good deal.