Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Personal Zoo

You didn't think I was talking about actual animals, did you? (I'm not an animal person. I probably shouldn't admit this in print, for fear of alienating myself from future customers. Even in everyday conversation I can sense people backing away slowly when I admit that I don't have any pets.)

These colorful little gadgets come from the Boston Warehouse Animal House collection, which can be purchased in bits and pieces from Target and Ace Hardware. But the complete collection can be found online here:

The bf and I don't use them - oh, no. They're strictly for show. My favorite is the warthog vegetable scrubber (that green and yellow guy with the crazy hair). There are still many pieces that we'd both like to add to the menagerie. (My vote for the next purchase is the peacock dustpan and brush. I think the bf prefers the walrus mini sweep). The bf painted the cabinets and shelf interior himself (he is, after all, a painter), using crayon box brights. He can't believe that I've waited until now to blog about it. I think that was a gentle dig at me for blogging about, well, everything, but I'm willing to let it slide.