Monday, May 17, 2010

Beach Bags A-Plenty

Large Tropical Jungle Tote,

Large Beach Jungle Tote,

The Blind Side. Mallrats. How to Make an American Quilt. Father of the Bride. These are some of the movies, and fragments of movies, that I watched while finishing these totes. I don't have much to say about them except that my sister and her best friend rented How to Make an American Quilt repeatedly throughout our childhood, an instance which added to instead of detracted from the movie's charm. Anyway, spring has sprung, and that means beach time isn't too far away. Living mere blocks from the beach myself, I already have itchy feet and grandiose plans of ditching my ever-lengthening to-do list to lazily read in the sun. That said, my latest large tote creations reflect that mindset and are soaked in tropical color, ready to ferry towels and sunscreen to a wave near you.

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