Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fish and Sweets

Medium Undersea Tote

Tiny Cherry Pie Tote

Small Undersea Tote

Tiny Banana Split Tote

Here are some of my most recent creations, freshly added to my Etsy shop, http://www.thetotetrove.etsy.com/. You'll notice a couple more sugary tiny totes mixed in with our larger fish friends here. Once thing I've learned from doing market research (er, product giveaways) is that people like fish designs, especially in the summer. Luckily I like fish too, so you'll probably be seeing more of them. I finished these up while watching the eerie yet elegant American Beauty on (what else?) TBS this weekend. I'd seen it only once before, in high school because I had to write a paper about it. (Yep, I had a pretty progressive English teacher. Ms. Volpe, if you're out there, then I hope you caught that.) Come to think of it, I wish I still had that paper so I could post part of it here instead of struggling to be profound. As it is, I'll just say that American Beauty is one of those movies that makes you question things. A bit of a cliche, I know, but then my mind has deteriorated some since twelfth grade English.

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