Sunday, May 23, 2010

Large Outlandish Owl Tote Takes Flight

Hello there. I've been absent from blogland for a little bit, diligently working on my projects. Today I finally put the finishing touches on this Large Outlandish Owl Tote, about which I've been quite excited. Some of you may remember the custom owl tote I created for Katie of the What Katie Wore blog, Then one of Katie's readers saw it and requested her own owl tote, and I thought, gee, owls are getting to be quite popular. So I made another. This incarnation incorporates my beloved theme of desserts and cosmetics (because all wildlife likes to wear lipstick and chow down on cherry pie) and explodes with unapologetic color. I don't know if anyone else will take a shine to it, but it's now available in my Etsy shop,, for that kooky soul who might. If no one claims it in a few months, then perhaps I'll delist it and make it my own . . .

In other news, the bf and I went to see Iron Man II this weekend. The bf warned me that it wouldn't be good. I too had this inkling, but having seen the first one, I felt compelled to close the deal. It lived up to our fears, proving to be your typical hollow, plotless mess of gratuitous violence. But we had Five Guys burgers beforehand, so that made it okay. Nothing like deep fried fare to save a Friday night.

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