Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dazzling Discounts at Daffy's

Top, Rampage, Daffy's

Top, Rampage, Daffy's

Top, Takara, Daffy's
Tights, Me Moi, Daffy's

Top, Rampage, Daffy's
Tights, Steve Madden, Daffy's

The bf and I were in Philadelphia today when I decided to pop into Daffy's. I'd never been there before but remembered watching an episode of the Style Network's old "Fashion Police" in which Robert Verdi was interviewing a woman on the street about where she'd gotten her outfit, and she'd answered Daffy's. As a shopper most at home combing clearance rounders, I knew I had to take a look.

The bf and I rode the elevator past the department store's first four floors to the misses and juniors section. (There's just something about a store with an elevator that screams, hey, country mouse, welcome to the city!) When the doors opened, I was greeted to racks heaped with interesting options and made a beeline for those that were the most colorful. (Hey, old habits die hard.) I was happy to stumble upon three festively printed Rampage tops that seemed to call my name, all at rock-bottom prices. I scoured the rest of the area, acquired one more fun top, then tried on my take. Everything fit perfectly, so I sauntered to the register with all the bubbling anticipation of an impending purchase. My total came to $34.13. The most inexpensive item was one of the Rampage tops, coming in at a super-low $4.66. Take that, Macy's!

On our way back down we stopped off on the third floor to peruse the shoes and accessories. (Well, I perused. The bf was patiently waiting as my ever-faithful supporter and driver.) I love shopping for accessories even more than I love shopping for clothes, so I was in my element. I picked out four pairs of patterned stockings, one of which was Steve Madden. This time my total was $21.30. Nothing to sneeze at considering that each pair originally listed for $18.00.

Back at the ranch, I decided to model my new buys, mixing them with items already in my closet. (Call it Photo Shoot Friday withdraw if you will.) I easily found interesting matches and arranged them all on my bed (I used to do this all the time after shopping trips) so I could gaze upon all the cheerful colors and patterns.

I'll be sure to return to Daffy's for more bargain hunting whenever I'm Philadelphia-bound. Truth be told, I wish there were a store a little bit closer!

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