Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Quartet of Somethings New and Sparkly - More Fun with Fabulous Felt

Fabulous Felt Artist Palette Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Jell-O Mold Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Steak Dinner Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Lemons Necklace,

When I was in A. C. Moore yesterday and found that they had restocked their white felt, I thought, "Oh, good, now the Fabulous Felt Steak Dinner Necklace can come alive!" (My idea for it had been gathering steam in my head for the better part of three days.) It wasn't just any white felt either, but special super-thick fleecy felt, which was wonderful because it meant I didn't need to use two layers for each shape the way I normally do, the regular stuff being nearly transparent. Yet the finished steak necklace turned out to have less, ahem, sizzle than I'd expected, ranking as my least favorite of this batch. (I'm most partial to the artist palette, partly because of the colors, partly because it reminds me of a couple of palette pins I had as a child.)

Sometimes that's the way it goes in the wily and freewheeling world of arts and crafts.


SparkleFarkle said...

"Oo la la!" to the fabulous palette necklet! It re-surfaces the Monet-child in me, as I, too, had some lovely artist's paint plate and brush jewelry when I was a smitch! Thanks for this trip down Memory Lane, which somehow has worked up my appetite. Hm... Dare I blame that on the Steak Dinner Necklace? LOL! By the by: would you mind passing me the A1, please?

The Tote Trove said...

How fun is childhood jewelry? Sometimes I wish I'd saved all of mine!

A1, haha . . .