Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Somethings New and Sparkly - Fabulous Felt Necklaces Featuring Flora, Fauna, and Everyone's Favorite: Food

Fabulous Felt Gumball Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Breakfast Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Paradise Palm Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Bird of Paradise Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Banana Split Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Waffles Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Rainbow Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Cookies Necklace,

Here's my newest crop of Fabulous Felt Necklaces. (And yes, I realize the bird is the only example of any fauna. But I couldn't resist using the phrase.) My favorites are the Bird of Paradise, Gumball, and Breakfast designs (in that order). I have so many ideas for more that I wrote them down. I've been going through quite a bit of felt and will most likely need to purchase more soon. I'm thinking of going online to find some more exotic colors, such as turquoise and hot pink. If I do, then I'll probably end up worrying that my more standard-colored creations will look drab by comparison.

Stupid new ideas, spoiling everything.

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