Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eraser Treats and Other Trinkets

It's no secret that I'm ecstatic about eraser jewelry. When I first saw it being sold on Etsy, I was mesmerized. Then I realized that I could make my own custom eraser creations and started turning them out with abandon. All I do it take apart each eraser (they're actually puzzles), glue them back together using a tiny bit of Gorilla Glue, coat each one with a layer of clear nail polish (for preservation), and jab a metal earring finding into each one using jewelry pliers, leaving the loop on top so I can add a jump ring for stringing. This last part is kind of tricky, as I've occasionally speared erasers, especially those that are oddly shaped, in such a way that the other end of the finding comes jutting out somewhere where it shouldn't. So, I'm careful to push the finding down into a fleshy eraser part, making sure not to push too hard so that it stays hidden.

I was delighted to be able to add more necklaces and bracelets to my eraser-themed jewelry tree. I guess that's obvious, seeing as I couldn't limit myself to posting just one jewelry tree photo :)

Hey, those aren't erasers. I had a few spare plastic bangles and decided to try my hand at decoupaging some stickers on them. It was a long and arduous process, as I needed to add numerous layers of Mod Podge to each bracelet to tamp down flyaway sticker remnants and ensure maximum durability. I'm pretty pleased with the results though and am especially fond of the fruity turquoise one in the middle. I see it figuring into more than a few of my fruit-themed ensembles.

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