Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Good Enough to Eat

Fabulous Felt Fruit Barrette Collection,

Fabulous Felt Cupcake Barrette Collection,

Remember not so long ago when I made my first batch of felt fruit barrettes? And how I said they were cute but not cute enough to offer up to the public? Well, I since made two more batches, then went ahead and made three batches of felt cupcake barrettes too. Last night I had a barrette beauty contest, picked the best style from each batch, and uploaded them to my Etsy shop. I bagged up the second-best models and stashed them away to give as free gifts or maybe even list if the first batch sells. The weakest links of the bunch went into my own hair thingies box. I'm modeling two of them here (You didn't think I'd actually put the ones I was meaning to sell in my hair, did you?! I'm very put off by barrettes shown on human hair in Etsy listings. I mean, we don't know where that hair has been. Such thinking is what led me to use the wig from last year's Miss Piggy Halloween costume for my listing photos.)

I'm so taken with these googly-eyed goofs that I'm going to make some more to incorporate into my next bunch of felt necklaces.

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