Saturday, May 7, 2011

Museum of Bad Art - Art Too Bad to be Ignored

"In the Cat's Mouth," by Pangorda

"Spewing Rubik's Cubes," by K. Koch

"Heather Come Hither," by Bianka

"Lucy in the Sky with Flowers," artist unknown

Think your art isn't good enough to hang in a museum? Think again. The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA for short), which is comprised of three galleries in the Boston area, proudly displays masterpieces gone horribly wrong. Many are by unknown artists and have been rescued from thrift stores and Dumpsters. Exposing the world to "art too bad to be ignored," MOBA's Curator-in-Chief (their word, not mine) delights in writing incisively witty, pseudo-intellectual descriptions to accompany the offbeat, sometimes just plain disturbing pieces that make up the museum's collection. Curious? Here's the description for "In the Cat's Mouth":

"A comment on issues of power as experienced by those who dwell with feline pets. Is the artist consumed with or consumed by his love for this cat? Does he identify with the personality of the startling animal? Does the similarity between these inseparable cohabitants stop short at the nose? Or is he simply trying to observe a tree-lined avenue through a cat's eyes?"

And here's the one for "Heather Come Hither":

"Larger than life, she purrs with her big bedroom eyes open wide in anticipation, "Hello boys". Bianka knew, the more hair the better."

It should be noted that I've included the more PG pieces here, as this blog is a (mostly) family show. To see some darker pieces as well as MOBA's entire range of outrageous art, visit I'm so intrigued that I'm thinking about visiting the real MOBA, and that's saying something as I avoid leaving the state if I can help it. Who knows. Maybe someday in the distant future when I'm long gone and forgotten one of my totes will grace MOBA's walls, marked by a card burbling on about the gluttony of commercialism and/or childhood held in suspension. One can only dream.


Vanessa said...

Oh this post has made me laugh! I love the concept, it's pretty original, and to be honest there's probably some work in there that is better than a lot of the so-called art seen in 'proper' museums! :)

The Tote Trove said...

I'm so glad someone else things it's funny too :) As for the art, I was thinking the same thing. After all, who is to say what's art? Are we art? Is art art? Um, Lisa. Phone for you. It's Art.

That was a quote from "Saved by the Bell" (from the episode where Lisa sheds her mall princess image in favor of a pretentious art lover persona to get an intellectual guy's attention). He he.

Jewel Divas said...

I thought art was NEVER bad, just different.

The Tote Trove said...

Exactly. I think that's actually what the Museum of Bad Art is trying to say (why else would they bother to Dumpster dive for paintings?). They're just doing it with a sense of humor.