Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Are Living in a Material World and I Am a Material Girl

When Madonna and daughter Lourdes launched their Material Girl juniors clothing line to much fanfare at Macy's last August, I thought, oh, now that's silly. Less than a year later my wardrobe has been invaded by the collection, and I take umbrage when I hear Macy's salesgirls surreptitiously snickering about "those tacky Madonna clothes" as I browse. (Just this past Saturday I purchased the hot pink and black lace top [just $7!] from a cashier who eyed it dubiously before deeming it "concert wear".) In addition to being edgy, fun, and inexpensive, the pieces are well-cut and flattering, a must for every clotheshorse with a taste for the 1980s. Makes you want to get into the groove, doesn't it?


Michelle said...

I remember when it made it's debut and then never made it in to look at it! Those are cute pieces!

The Tote Trove said...

Yeah, apparently there was music and everything (not that I was there for that part). Thanks for looking :)

Jewel Divas said...

The pink and black top looks good, like something anyone could wear.

Is it juniors as in small size women or juniors as in girls?

If it's for small size women then the clothes look appropriate. And if they fit and look good and you like them, why not!

Who's gonna go by a $7 top for God's sake.

The Tote Trove said...

Yes, I think it's pretty versatile in its way. It can be dressed down with jeans and flat or up with a skirt and heels (both, of course, layered over a black cami :).

It's a standard juniors size small. Which is to say that it's meant for teens. I still wear mostly juniors clothes because they tend to be more fun. Also, I like the way they fit.

Yes, as you point out, it's hard to argue with anything that costs $7! Finding a way to make bargains "work" is part of the fun and the challenge :)