Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Inside Out Bows

Not too long ago I made these Fabulous Felt Bow Necklaces:

Recently, I thought, why not made "inside out" versions of some of them? So, I took the green, yellow, and purple bows and switched the backdrops with the interior details to make these:

Fabulous Felt Lime Bow Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Orange Bow Necklace,

Fabulous Felt Purple Bow Necklace,

(The old Fabulous Felt Purple Bow Necklace became the Fabulous Felt Lilac Bow Necklace by default.)

Pretty nifty, huh? In the middle of making them I - horror of horrors - ran out of felt, glue, and rhinestones. Too excited about finishing my bright new bows to wait (and what crafter hasn't been there?) I shed my pajamas for street clothes (packs more of a punch than "tee shirt and jean skirt," don't you think?) and dashed to A. C. Moore. The funny thing is, I've been challenging myself to use the supplies I have instead of buying new ones. This is partly because I have a ton of odds and ends spilling out of every room of my house and partly because my accountant said my business needs to make a profit this year, which means spending less than I make. But regardless of how many rhinestones clog my shower drain or how many felt fragments end up in my hair, I inevitably run out of something crucial I need to complete a project and find myself at A. C. Moore or Michaels. And that's not even counting those pesky bouts of inspiration that demand new shipments of shiny new things. Even as I write this I'm dreaming of a new line of rhinestone bead carnival necklaces and dollhouse miniature-bedecked corsages that hinge on a monstrous order from Consumer Crafts,

Then again, The Tote Trove is much closer to making a profit than it ever was before, thanks to quitting those cripplingly expensive craft shows. And who knows, maybe I'll end up selling more of these new pieces than I expected. I see more shiny things in my (and your!) future . . .


SparkleFarkle said...

Man, oh, man! You are the most passionate (Shed your pajamas for street clothes in a single bound and faster than a speeding bullet!), die hardiest (Lept tall buildings just to get to Mooreville!) ToteTrove there ever was! If they could make an "I am the Universe's Most Incredible Crafter" action figure, you'd be it, hands down! WAIT! I think they can!!!! (<-- cLiCkY-cLiCkY!)

SparkleFarkle said...

P.S. This insomniac sees yet another idea for your Fabulous Felt Bow Necklace: Adjust the ties a smitch and top·sy-tur·vy its base--VOILA! You've got yourself a lovely ToteTrovey Shut-Eye Mask! (I know I'd buy one!)

Sweet dreams,

Intrinsically Florrie said...

They are rather pretty!
I so hope everything goes well :)

Florrie x

The Tote Trove said...

You're a hoot, Sparkles. Now that you mention it, I wouldn't say no to my own action figure . . .

Thanks for the kind words, Florrie!