Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Billowing Pillow and the Corner of Cuteness

I found this parrot pillow during a recent trip to Marshalls and was so enamored of it that not even a scarcity of display space at home could deter me from purchasing it.  (What, no more room on the bench seat?  No matter, I'll just plop it on top of the backrest!)  When I went to pay for it, the cashier gushed that she hadn't seen me in a while, and the customer next to me complimented my purse while holding up an identical one of her own.  The purse, of course, was from Marshalls.  (I debated including these somewhat embarrassing details, but in the end my vanity won.)

Back at the ranch I installed my new prize in what I've come to call the corner of cuteness.  Mismatched and kitschy, it's where bric-a-brac and the billowing pillows converge.  Kind of like my own personal flea market, only without the fleas.

Here's a closeup of my beloved Art by Sarada prints, attended by a trio of corresponding princess figures.  Remember figures?  As a kid, I had dozens of them.  Who knew I'd reembrace them in my thirties?  

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Jewel Divas said...

Wow, the pillows are multiplying! Love the prints too.