Sunday, February 5, 2012

Etsy Favorites - Graphic Art

The term graphic art makes me think of two things, the first of which is logos.  As in when "The Office's" Pam failed graphic design school and said she didn't care because it was just making stupid logos.  The second thing that the term graphic art makes me think of (however erroneously) is artsy things that are bold and graphic.  In other words, my kind of things, things that have nothing to do with logos.  Here's a sampling of some of my favorites.        

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Alyssa said...

Hi! Thanks for featuring my plush octopuses, I am honored!! I am always excited to learn of a new interesting blog that I can add to my Feed Reader :P
I have to agree about the logo thing a little bit, because when I had friends that were majoring in graphic design that's mostly what they talked about and showed me from their classes: logos haha.
But you are right, because I had some images in my head when I read the post title before I had scrolled to the pictures and you pretty much nailed what "graphic art" is, I think! (: