Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TV Tuesday: The Snarky Stylings of E!'s Fashion Police

Normally, I'm not one for TV shows that make fun of people.  That's why I skip reality shows.  Nevertheless, I do enjoy the odd episode of E!'s "Fashion Police."  Hosted by queen of mean Joan Rivers and catty cohorts Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Katsiopoulis, the show scrutinizes celebrity red carpet and "off-duty" (think beach vacation) outfits and is seasoned by segments such as "Starlet or Streetwalker" and "Bitch Stole My Look," culminating in a best-dressed and worst-dressed pick at the end of the hour.  Now, when it comes to fashion, I'm pretty live and let live.  If something makes you feel good about yourself, then you should wear it, regardless of whether it's in style or what other people may think of it.  That having been said, if I were famous, then I'd probably be a "Fashion Police" repeat offender ("You've got too many things going on, sweetie, too many things," I can just hear Joan crowing.  "You look like a cross between a trannie and a circus escapee.")  Still, whether or not I agree with Joan and company's opinions, I can't help but be entertained and impressed by Joan's zinger-barbed wit.  Plus, it's fun to see all of the celebrity fashions.  I always wonder which stars choose their own dresses and which ones rely on a stylist, and if those in the stylist camp rip their stylists a new one after being the butt of Joan's arresting comments.  I also wonder if Joan ever gets hate mail, or if Hollywood regards her as a semi-sane grande dame to be indulged and humored.  But then, I guess the same question can be asked of any comedian.

Campy and irreverent, "Fashion Police" is an ornery oasis in the drought that is summer programming - whether you're wearing Miu Miu or a muumuu :)

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