Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nice Neat Necklaces

It's a slow news day here in blogland, so I'm scraping the bottom of my idea barrel to bring you this hard-hitting story.

I've been wanting to organize my hanging necklaces for ages. They used to be tangled in uncooperative jumbles, a half dozen or so tumbling into my hands when I was after only one. But a couple of weekends ago I finally got around to remedying that. I tossed a few pieces that were beyond help and dismantled a few more to use in future jewelry-making projects. But for the most part, my collection remained intact.

As I examined each necklace, I realized that my taste has gotten bolder over the years, so much so that I rarely wear these more delicate pieces, instead going for the chunky beaded numbers nestled in my hatboxes or my own oversized creations (see below for a [small] sampling).

Funny how our stuff says so much about us, huh? What does your stuff say about you? (It's completely fine, by the way, if you don't want to answer. It just sounds so much friendlier to end this kind of post with a reader-oriented question, don't you think?)


Jewel Divas said...


So much colour is a wonderful thing!!!

Although I would love to be able to display my jewellery collection, either under glass in drawers, or in some sort of gorgeous glass display cabinet I can't.

So, as you know, I keep them tucked away in ziplock bags so dust and dirt doesn't get ingrained. I personally would not have them hanging like that as they can become entangled easily and rubbing against each other will wear the colour off.

But it must be bright and colourful in your room with all of that hanging around.

The Tote Trove said...

Yes, I like to think of my condition as collectomania :)

I didn't photograph it, but like you I started keeping the jewelry I make for myself in Ziplock bags to protect it. These pieces tend to be more fragile than my store-bought ones (not because they're not well made, but because of all the embellishments), so I wanted to protect them.

Yes, my house is a very colorful place. Sometimes I just sit and stare at all of my things. The bf just shakes his head.