Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TV Tuesday: Catching Conan's Comic Caramel Wave

I wish I could take credit for the "caramel wave" line, but Conan coined it in one of his recent monologues when making fun of his hair. I was so amused that I scribbled it down for future featuring (good thing, as it comes in handy today.)

It's been almost two years since Conan O'Brien landed on the more forgiving if less glamorous TBS after being unceremoniously booted from NBC's "The Tonight Show." Bolstered by his Basic Cable Band, right-hand man Andy Richter, hip guest list, and unfailingly self-deprecating wit, the ginger jokester is more entertaining than ever.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. The Team Coco Web site showcases all manner of fan-generated gems, my favorite of which is CocoMoca (The Museum of Conan Art), which features original artwork fashioned from paint, clay, Perler beads, humus, and other madcap media. The bf says I should join in by making a felt necklace in Conan's redheaded likeness, but I passed. Not so much due to copyright issues (I wouldn't sell it anyway - that masterpiece would be mine!) but to a fear of being unable to do Coco's coif justice.

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Valerie said...

Tracy, Just the other day I saw someone on Etsy selling a Conan O'Brien shaped rock for 8 bucks! I tried to use my imagination-I really tried. But I just kept seeing Jesus instead;)