Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getting Through Thursday with Another Shoe Montage - Rainbow Remix

From left to right: Hot pink butterfly: So, Kohl's; Mauve bow: So, Kohl's; Orange sequins: So, Kohl's; Yellow bow: Tommy Hilfiger, Marshalls; Lime glitter: So, Kohl's; Turquoise glitter: So, Kohl's; Purple flowers: Steve Madden, Macy's

No, you're not experiencing shoe deja vu.  These are indeed the flip flops I featured two weeks ago.  Well, with the addition of the long sought-after orange pair (in traffic cone wattage no less).  I found them at Kohl's, which has all but eclipsed J. C. Penney's as my new go-to department store.  I'm ridiculously happy to have found the piece de resistance for my ROYGBIV arrangement.  Hmm.  I wonder how many times that fancy French phrase has been used to describe day-glo rubber.

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Jewel Divas Style said...

I thought I had seen them before, lol.