Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting Through Thursday (er, Friday) with Another Shoe Montage - I Guess I Like Colorblocking

From top, left to right - Black/magenta platform: Guess, DSW; Fuchsia/yellow/turquoise T-strap: Barefeet Shoes; Lime/fuchsia/orange platform: Guess, DSW; Pink/taupe/yellow platform: Guess, DSW; Lime/blue platform: Simply Vera, Kohl's; Black/green/yellow/fuchsia/orange platform: Unlisted, Marshalls

When I saw all the colorblock shoes that had stepped off the runway and into stores, I thought, "Well, color me happy!"  Ok.  I didn't really think that (not even I'm that corny), but I might as well have because I got that feeling you get when you first see something that is inexplicably, on-the-nose you.  You know what I mean.  Not a kind-of-cute piece that you can tweak to suit your taste or a find so cheap that you can't pass it up, but an item that so perfectly encapsulates your style that you feel as if your entire look will die without it.  That's how I felt when I saw most of the shoes pictured here, especially the oh-so-punchy Unlisted platforms.  (The bf said that they remind him of a toucan, which made me love them even more.)  Sure, I like a good print; I appreciate a fine embellishment.  But nothing screams "made for you" louder to me than bold, unabashed, graphic, and in-your-face color.    

This montage mixes two brand-new pairs, the aforementioned Unlisted birds of paradise and the sweet-as-ice cream pastel Guess treats, with some less recent additions and one legitimately old pair, namely the tricolor T-straps.  You can tell that they're the grande dame of the group by their lack of platform and somewhat stumpy, conical heel.  But what they lack in trendiness they more than make up for in character.  Those upstarts of pretty platforms can stand to learn a thing or two.

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Emily Bear said...

I have those Vera shoes! Love the pic :)