Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Strife Aquatic: Babbling Brooks and Pun(s)

 Fabulous Felt Pink Water Lily Brooch

Fabulous Felt Yellow Water Lily Brooch

Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Guess, DSW
Bag: Sleepyville Critters, Amazon

They say that water is calming.  Not rapids or waterfalls or floods, certainly, but country creeks and estuaries ('cause what could be more peaceful than scallops and trout peacefully coexisting?).  Everyone knows that a walk on the beach can wash all your worries away, and we've all tossed a dime into a fountain hoping for some magic something to make our lives better.  I'm no different.  Always attracted to agua's tranquility, I particularly love lily pads.  I'm drawn to their fanciful shape, to the splashy flowers against their stark emerald, and to the lazy way they float across a cool pond.  And I've always wanted to make some that are wearable.  So, I turned to my old friend felt and busted out these three brooches and one oversized necklace.  Here they are, along with a list of other things that have a lock down on pads:

- Clothing brand Forever Lily (not to be confused with Forever 21), which is often featured on (and the wordplay keeps working) Zulily

- Clothing brands Lily White, Lily Star, and Lily Rose (who are these chicks?  Entrepreneurial triplets?)

- Monet ('cause you know, class)

-Pond scum (to balance out the Monet)

-Water Lily, a.k.a. Golden Girl Blanche's not-so-secret name for herself (sitcoms are my spirit animal)

- Phil and Lil of "Rugrats" fame

-"Your pad or mine?" Mrs. Wentworth mimicking an amorous frog on that "Saved by the Bell" episode about subliminal advertising (see above about sitcoms)

- Also, frogs

Still, serene-themed or not, these wardrobe waters didn't always run smooth.  I ran into a little snafu while making the necklace.  There was some visible glue on the ribbons (hey, snafu/glue, that rhymes), even after it dried.  And I thought, George Costanza-style, "Why must there always be a problem?!"  But unlike George, I knew the answer.  Life is full of problems and troubles -- and only trouble is interesting (it's what makes those sitcoms spin).  So, I added some rhinestones to cover the glue . . . only to see more glue, seeping out from the rhinestones, later.  I guess the lesson here is, when things get tough, get rhinestones (or whatever your equivalent of rhinestones is).  

You'll still have problems.  But at least you'll be sparkly.


Samantha said...

Ahhh, lily pads!!! You're right about them being so serene and lovely. I love the lily-inspired creations you made! I love your list and "- Also, frogs" made me laugh!!! Glue can be such a pest, can't it? I can't even count how many times I've had those glue-seeping issues! Way to make it positive, though. :)

Dressed With Soul said...

I love water, too! And I'm very happy that we live near a very small river as I believe in the good effects of water. The effort to prepare the beautiful things you show here was it definitely worth (inclduing the challenge with the glue) as it looks so beautiful!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena