Some (but probably not all) of the posts in which I review, reference, or otherwise expound upon TV in no particular order:

Charmer in the Dell: The Cheese Stands Alone (But Not Always)

Pasta for Dinner, Wacky Waving Figure: Mama Mia, What a Mother's Day

Postest With the Mostest: Sealed With a Kitsch

Flatch is a Catch According to June

Save the Drama for Your Mama: A Beach Bard's Good-bye

MRI of the Tiger: When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Cream Doughnuts

So Many Tartans, So Little Time: Scotch Rocks

Velour in Store

The Cat's Me-Wow: Doll Face Head Space 

Renaissance Wear, Scarborough Flair: A Tried and True Trend for All Times

Summer Stuns Before the Fall

Katy Keene, Valentine Queen

Cake Talk: Bloom Where You're Slanted

My Book Club, My Boyfriend

All in the Family: A Heart Day at Home

Swan Con: Romance on the Pun

Animal Print Stint: A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

Two Plaids, Four Fads, and a Rag Bag Revisited

Sass by the Glass: Grape Expectations

A Key West Christmas, Christmas isn't Over Until Mrs. Claus Sings, and Other Random Holiday Things

Golden Good-bye: Jest in Peace, Rose

Christmas Lights, Camera, Action

Christmas Party Punch: Deck the Neck

D is for Denim and C is for Venom: Just Kidding but I Still Hate Caddies

The Search is On: Finding Dory

Pheromones vs. Funerals: Love Finds a Yay

From Texas to LA to Phoenix: Never Judge a Book by its Lover

Fate Gate: Written in the Scars

Leaf Brief: Treeing Red

Darling Daises and Sunflower Showers: Summer isn't Getting Any (More) Younger

Performance Art Heart: Diffi-Cult Following

King Me Carpentry . . .

As Queasy as 1, 2, 3: You Can't Count on Numbers

Head Honcho Horticulture: Who's the Real Botanical Boss?

Beach Block Blues: Don't Hit Snooze, Your Pop Rock Jam is Up Next

Out of My Depp: A is for Anchorwoman

Saab Story Dory: Still Waters Pun Deep

Some Stuff So Nice I Wore it Twice: Pairs and Pears, No Gala for You

Style File and Young Love's Denial: The Legend of Zelda, Game Over

Shady Ladies: Slumber Party With Sophia and Dorothy

Party of One, Party of Fun: One Isn't the Loneliest Number

Christmas in July, Insects Buzzing High: Bye-Bye to Bees and Bah Humbugs

Tropical Getaway Car, You're a Star.  And a Barb.  But Not the Kind on a Wire.

Fourth of July Pie: Pastry in the USA

Play Like a Girl: Peacock Rocks

Rusted Root Coot: Million Dollar Stapler

Celebrity Date Nut Cred: Giving Love a Swirl (or Swirly)

Quiz Show Bow: Magnificent Mayim

Shop Reopening: In the Cards

Friends Forever, Ending Never: Once More on the Orange Couch

Ruby Room Rendezvous: A Romance for the Pages

Might of the Iguana: Think Pink

Shrill Quill, Will Thrill: What Happens When Easton Meets West

Never Never Netherlands: Layers of Levity

Thirty Years War Behind a Pink Door: Barbie Barkeep, Keep 'em Coming

Geek Peek Seeks Tweak: Go Get Those Goggles, Cowboy

Ladies First Curse: Getting Ahead but Flirting With Dead

Trash Bash: Celebrating (and Berating) Stinky

Eek! It's Easter!

Twice in a Blue Moon: Oh, Spunky

A Shot in the Arm to Ward Off All Harm: Vaccination Jubilation

Horse With No Shame: How the West Was Fun

Katy, Lou, and Limeade Too

Sweat Suit Tribute: R&R: Reading and Relaxation

Crave the Rave: Curating Cranberries

One Climb at a Time: Lisa Turtle Power

Rival Goes West: Shape Shifter Drifter

Light at the End of the Funnel Neck: Shirts of Schrute

Top Forty, Top Five, Prepare for the Dive: Growing Up is Hard to Do

Love Sessions, Life Lessons: All's Fair in the Baggage Claim Game

Hair Wear Flair: Knots Banding

Musical Muse Clues: Mix Tape of the Mind

Painted Pony Party

Sweatshirt Alert: JCP on TV

The Color Khaki: Game Show Bow

Reboot Recruit: Saved by the Hair Gel (sponsored by Dep but not Johnny)

Big Summer Stunner: Mean Girls Gone Wild

Hey Dude Ranch and Baby (Tee) Makes Three

Breaking the Gold Mold: 99 Red Birthday Balloons

Sleuth Spoof: Deserts and Daheim: A Case of Killing It

Jost Post: The One About Colin

Produce in Paradise: Whoa, Where's My Pizza?

Day One, Fun Run: Sneakers That Ignite a Spark

Christmas Wrap-up Runway: The Excellence of Being Extra

Coats?  Totes.  Unless No One Says That Anymore.

Kite of the Living Dead

Pieces of April, a Thanksgiving Staple

The Perks of Being a Peasant

Seeing the Forest Through the Sleeves: ELLE Spell

Notebook Hook: Forever a Fan of Catastrophe Mastery

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Nervous

A Case of Space: Reach for the Mars Bar

Treat Feat

The Bold and the Beautiful and a Life Less Dutiful: She Who Laughs Last Laughs Loudest

Social Norms and Self-made Storms: Squeeze in Under the Umbrella

Missed Connection Objection: From Wif-fi to Wifey

Vibe of the Vest, Punky Knows Best

Life Imitates Heart: Putting the Moves on Movies

If I Dreamed a Desert . . .

Oodles of Noodles and, Yes, A Caboodle

Frights of Fancy: Up in the Hair

Memorial Day the Quarantine Way

Toilet Paper Caper

Pumped for Stump: Black and White and Read All Over

Throwing in the Trowel: Let's Say Happy May With Barrettes

Love You, Lip Hue, Yes I Do

Book Cook Nook: Bon Appe-treat

Clean Food, Cool Dude: Inside Voices, Please

Green Queen: Mistress Marilla

Ship Shape Escape: Family Feud Unglued

Office Flowers are Always Open

Cirque du Sol-Play

Cleveland Frocks: The Price is Stripe

Sleigh, Winter

Flannel Panel: Paul Bunyan Funions

Hello, Jell-O: I've Got a Bone to Pick With You

All's a Riot on the Western Front . . .

Bear Flair: The Joy of Corduroy

Happy Haunt Jaunt: Jackets and Jack o' Lanterns

Video Grilled the Radio Star: Fry No More, Cyborgs, We've Bot You

Ice Cream Dream: A Case for Columbo/Columbus

Brie TV

I Spy Cat's Eye

Moss is Boss: Gaudy by Nature

Record Store Snore: Up and Atom

Photo Shoot Reboot

Sky High: Altitude Attitude

No Llama Drama: Where the Mild Things Are . . .

Pop Goes the Evil: Corns and (Pineapple) Palaces

The Hairy Truth About Scrunchies . . .

Bridal Blues and Social Cues

Buckle Up, Buttercup

Evergreen Queen: Song of Sophia

Double Rainbow, Double Dier

Clothes Crush: I'm Berry Excited it's Spring

Second Banana-Rama: Fresh Off the Tote

Archaeological Gig: Dino-Mite

The Rants Go Marching Two by Too: Huzzah! Huzzah!

Happy Valentine's Day: Leopard Loves Lamp . . .

Pen to Caper: Keeping it Real With My Pal Chenille

Pastel Rainbows and White Tornadoes: Telling Tween Tales from the Tripped

My Two Turtlenecks: Sunny Side S'up

Spin-off Kilt-er Filter: '90s Knits and Hits

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Spend . . .

Cake Talk: They Say it's Your Birthday

Boots Blues and Other Shoes: Patent Leather to Leather-like Plastic

Something from the Star: Bright Light; Lite Brite

Bright Tights, Big City

Page Match: Ann With a Tee vs. Anne of Green Cables

Restasis Oasis: Arizona Iced Weeee! What a Well Watered Cactus

Ghosts and Rings and Halloween Things: Spouses with Axes to Mind

The Nature of Reading and Rainbows

Constance Wu Plays Rachel Chu: Crazy About Crazy Kitsch Asians

Feather Your Quest: Owl Always Love Books

I'm So Hungry I Could Eat a Horse . . . 

Small Thunder: Tiny But Mighty

Ariel and Rapunzel and Cinderella and Belle

Ribbons and Bows and Lots of New Clothes: I Enjoy being a (Gilmore) Girl

Summer Fling, Don't Mean a Thing; Summer Ring, Means Everything

Animal Charm: Win, Lose, or Draw and Cock-a-Doodle Zoo

Bittersweet Treat: One Last Helping of Hecks

Who Lives in a Pineapple Amidst the Twee?

Fresh Fruit and Fresh Prints: Panda-monium at Nabisco

Peach Pit Bit: Tassels and Feathers and Pompoms, Oh My

The Strife Aquatic: Babbling Brooks and Pun(s)

Boys Don't Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses . . .

Baubles for the Birds: Beaks and Geeks

Bubble Toy Joy: My Punny Valentines

Red, White, and Fruit: Sail Away, Sale Away, Snail Mail Play

Thank You for Being on Trend: Golden Oldies Then and Now

Snow Falling on South Jersey: Entertainment Blitz Blizzard

New Year, No Fear: On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Cherries and Berries and Mushrooms: A Walk in the Woods With a Fungi

We Three Rings of Orient Are and Santa Claus is Coming to Clown

Sad Mac Attack Strikes Again

Best Western: These Boots Were Made for Squawking

Moving to the Country: Good-bye, Brigantine

Farm Charm Favorites: E-I-E-I-Whoa

Zulily Zoo Singhs a Song for You

Tex Marks the Spot: Hot, Hot, Hot on the Heels of Nashville

Curtain Call Drawl: Sass Menagerie

Mermaid in the Shade: Look at this Stuff, isn't it Sweet?

Leather and Space: The Vinyl Frontier

Ring Beader of the Rack: Circle Circus

Sun Rise/Sun Set, Simmer in Silence My Tangerine Pet

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chinos!  And Happy Memorial Day

Fiesta, Fleur-Ever

Romper Room Vroom: Three's Company Hue

Flip This House; Fling This Bling

Trolling for Bargains: A Fond Farewell to Macy's of Voorhees

A Star is Mourned: Rayna's Reign Rains Down on Nashville

At the Heart of the Batter: Conversation and Cupcakes with Christopher Walken

Sugar and Spice and Everything Dice: Part 2

Sugar and Spice and Everything Dice: Part 1

Motley New and Chick Lit Too: A Case of Mistaken Serenity

Back to White: Happy 95th, Betty!


Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good to Tweet

Just Plucky: Sleuthin' and Stylin' With Stella Ducktropolis

Bikini, You're the Bomb(shell) and Beach Blanket Blingo

Golden Girl Swirl and Three Cheers for Cheesecake

Country Club Kitsch: In Favor of Parties and Nice Knowing You, Nashville

Climbing the Walls With Jericho, a Bear, and a Beetle

Send in the Gowns: Three Ring Sumo Circus

Up, Up, and Away: Big Sky and Cloud Coverage in Store

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Please Let Down Your Cares: The Hairy Truth About Happiness

Sitcoms Say it with Silly: Flagging Down Life's Lessons in The Fast Food Lane

Hoop Memes and Football Teams

Tanks Very Much JCP and Happy Thanksgiving

Playing the Ponies . . .

One Tale, Four Legs: Zoo Story.  Also, Some Words from a Would-be Zookeeper

Connect the Dots, La La La

Bow Knows Prose

Snake Thighs: The Skin You're in When They're All Out of Pluck

Lunar Ladies Who Rock(et): Fashion and Friendship in The Astronaut Wives Club

If Y is for Yellow, then J is for Jaune, er, Jane

Double Mint Crumb

If Seeing is Believing, Then I'll Stay a Skeptic

Bubblegum Ball Blowout: Part 3 and a Late Merry Christmas

Here's a Little Something to Chew On . . .

Springing Back into Summer and Falling for Fall TV

The Leftovers

Valentine's Day in July

If Rappers were Royals . . .

New Necklaces, New (Blog) Look

Screen Prints and Princesses

Hello, Dolly: Dressing for the Decades

Bold Gold . . .

Tote Trove on Tour

Dark Side Slide

Keeping it Real Cosby Style

I Got it At Sears!

TV Tuesday: From VIP to DIY: Anything but Vanilla

TV Tuesday: Two Media Icons

TV Tuesday: Catching Conan's Comic Caramel Wave

TV Tuesday on a Thursday: Girls: Pearls and Pebbles

TV Tuesday: Drop Dead Diva Descends

TV Tuesday: The Snarky Stylings of E!'s Fashion Police

TV Tuesday: Stuck in the Middle with Sue

TV Tuesday: Desperately Seeking a New Sunday Night Address: ABC Says Goodbye to Wisteria Lane

TV Tuesday: Casting My Vote for Parks and Recreation

TV Tuesday: Why, Fiddle-dee-dee, it's GCB!

TV Tuesday: Don't Trust the B --- in Apt. 23 Moves In

TV Tuesday - Going in with a Bang

White Night: Off Their Rockers

Something New and Sparkly: A Cupcake and a Word on Collectors

New TV (Otherwise Known as Fall's Consolation Prize)

Something New and Sparkly: Ice Cream vs. Fruits and Veggies

Happy Birthday, Betty White!

Heart and Humor Meet in (ABC's) the Middle

TV Tidbits

Say It Ain't So: ABC Cancels "Ugly Betty"

Ugly Betty, Shoes, and Other Seriously Frivolous Things

Thank You for Being a Friend

Cummings and Goings

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