Some (but probably not all) of the posts in which I review, reference, or otherwise expound upon movies in no particular order:

Goodwill Spill: The Lion, the Ditch, and the Wardrobe

On Hats and Hams: Easter Feaster

Tit for Tat and All of That: Wife Lessons on the Marriage Carriage

Denial File: Spy Me a River

Flatch is a Catch According to June

Renaissance Wear, Scarborough Flair: A Tried and True Trend for All Thymes

Summer Stuns Before the Fall

Be Mine to the Nines: One Enchanted Eating

Swan Con: Romance on the Pun

Two Plaids, Four Fads, and a Rag Bag Revisited

Sass by the Glass: Grape Expectations

Frosty Flakes and Mountains Makes: Pass the Salt, Pretty Please

Merry Christmas Eve Eve from Our Pal Steve

Christmas Lights, Camera, Action

Christmas Party Punch: Deck the Neck

Birds of a Feather Weather Together

Pheromones vs. Funerals: Love Finds a Yay

Rudd Stud: Rhinestone in the Rough

How Do You Do, Halloween?

Fate Gate: Written in the Scars

The Ghost of Grunge

Lean, Mean Halloween Queen

Storybook Hook: Styling Cinderella

Wardrobe Woes and Close Call Clothes: Yarns That Pull at the Heartstrings

Little Boy Blue and a Grown Man Too: Empathy Never Gets Old

Having a Ball: The Media Circus, Most Macabre of All

Out of My Depp: A is for Anchorwoman

Saab Story Dory: Still Waters Pun Deep

Stripe Hype: For Those Times When You Don't Want to Polka

Tropical Getaway Car, You're a Star.  And a Barb.  But Not the Kind on a Wire.

Life's a Beach: Bucket List Dis

Rusted Root Coot: Million Dollar Stapler

Celebrity Date Nut Cred: Giving Love a Swirl (or Swirly)

Stockholm Syndrome Symbiosis: My Bank Robber, My BFF

Cured Meats and Other Treats: Mmmm, Memorial Day

Fantabulous Fantasia: Cinderella in Sequins

Shrill Quill, Will Thrill: What Happens When Easton Meets West

Scenic Route Cute: Meet Me at the Lake House

Geek Peek Seeks Tweak: Go Get Those Goggles, Cowboy

Ladies First Curse: Getting Ahead but Flirting With Dead

Two for Two: Giving COVID the Cold Shoulder

Winged Wisdom and Awesome Oddities: No Matter What, Don't Lose Your Head

Two Grifters Off to See the World: Watch the Scam Car, Please

Mad for Plaid, Psyched for Stripes

Katy, Lou, and Limeade Too

Sleeping Through St. Patrick's Day

One Climb at a Time: Lisa Turtle Power

Rival Goes West: Shape Shifter Drifter

Top Forty, Top Five, Prepare for the Dive: Growing Up is Hard to Do

Valentine Vampire Weekend

Musical Muse Clues: Mix Tape of the Mind

Gulp Fiction: Orange Crush Rush

Painted Pony Party

Big Summer Stunner: Mean Girls Gone Wild

Sleuth Spoof: Deserts and Daheim: A Case of Killing It

Christmas Cardinal: Direction Connection

Coats?  Totes.  Unless No One Says That Anymore.

Christmas Book Nook: Courting Cozy

Kite of the Living Dead

Reformed Rocker Shocker: One for the Record Books

Pieces of April, A Thanksgiving Staple

The Perks of Being a Peasant

Seeing the Forest Through the Sleeves: ELLE Spell

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Nervous

A Case of Space: Reach for the Mars Bar

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Stilettos are Sweet, but Gerry is Too

Tent Vent: Autumn Pyrotechnic Eccentric

Alternate Universe Curse: Palm Springs King and Kevin

Land Sakes, it's Land O'Lakes: Time for a Crustacean Vacation

Pretty, Gritty, Wily, and Witty: A Damsel With Finesse

Vibe of the Vest, Punky Knows Best

Give 'em the Slip Skirt

From the Oregon Trail to a True Fairy Tale: Sweet Stuff for Spilling the Tea

Frights of Fancy: Up in the Hair

Oh Great, Oh Golly, A New Paper Dolly: Please Save Me from Scrubbing this Toilet

Hoop Scoop: The Big Bangle Angle

Living Room Bloom: The House Always Grins

Face Case: Jim Carrey Brings the Scary

Duck Duck Truce: Crayon Box Rocks

Cirque du Sol-Play

V is for Vendetta . . . and Also Valentine's Day

Silver Screen Dream: Reel Romance

Women's Lit and Ladies' Wit: Writers Gotta Write

Happy Cappy: A Birthday Tie Dye For

Partridge in a Pear Wee

Squad Soles

The Christmas Before Last Christmas . . .

All's a Riot on the Western Front . . .

Spend and Snap: Perks Every Time

Chore Bore No More, Good Times in Store

No Llama Drama: Where the Mild Things Are . . .

Pop Goes the Evil: Corns and (Pineapple) Palaces

Car Stars and Raised Bars: Let's Hear it for Team Tangerine

Outer Banks Thanks: Sparky Spark and the Funny Bunch

The Ties That Blind: Birds of a Tether

Baby, You're a Fire Perk: Can't Hold a Candle to Sandals

Fate Expectations: We Didn't Start the Pyre

Black Tragic: Dark Side of the June

Rind Finds and a Sweet and Tart Read: Summer, Start Your Engine

Lars and Stripes Forever

May Flower Power

Cinco de Mayo: Five Alive

Evergreen Queen: Song of Sophia

Hope Notes: Bling Around the Collar

Archaeological Gig: Dino-Mite

Hood Seasons: The More You Snow, the More You Grow

The Rants Go Marching Two by Too: Huzzah! Huzzah!

Rebel Romance Stance: Hearts and Glowers

Happy Valentine's Day: Leopard Loves Lamp . . .

Parrot Parade Brigade: Polly Want a Slacker?

A (Different Kind of) Christmas Story

Something from the Star: Bright Light, Lite Brite

Bright Tights, Big City

Page Match: Ann With a Tee vs. Anne of Green Cables

Restasis Oasis: Arizona Iced Weeee! What a Well Watered Cactus

Ghosts and Rings and Halloween Things: Haunted Spouses with Axes to Mind

Black and White and Dead All Over: The Flavor of Fare Far from Simple

Au Revoir to X: Autumn on Target

Constance Wu Plays Rachel Chu: Crazy About Crazy Kitsch Asians

I'm So Hungry I Could Eat a Horse . . .

Pie in the Eye, Pie in the Sky: Service Worth Your While

Mama Drama: Going Postal

Romancing the Tone: A Love Affair with Shoes

Ribbons and Bows and Lots of New Clothes: I Enjoy being a (Gilmore) Girl

Linked Pin: The Social Network of Not-So-Solitude

Summer Fling, Don't Mean a Thing; Summer Ring, Means Everything

Rad, Dad . . .

Animal Charm: Win, Lose, or Mall and Cock-a-Doodle Zoo

The Drawbacks of Tiebacks: (Not So) Fast Food and Matters of Art

The Strife Aquatic: Babbling Brooks and Pun(s)

Boys Don't Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses . . .

Baubles for the Birds: Beaks and Geeks

Sun Ripe Stripes and Other Hype: Hey, How's it Hanging, New Earrings?

Snow Falling on South Jersey: Entertainment Blitz Blizzard

New Year, No Fear: On Wednesdays We Wear Black

We Three Rings of Orient Are and Santa Claus is Coming to Clown

Evergreen Screen, Tinseltown Tannenbaum

Hang Ten: Surf's Up, Santa Jaws

Something Bold, Something True, Something Borrowed, Something Glue-y

Moving to the Country: Good-bye, Brigantine

Mermaid in the Shade: Look at this Stuff, isn't it Sweet?

Leather and Space: The Vinyl Frontier

R is for Red and Retro: July Five Alive, Come and Sea

Cool Daddy-O Patio: Papa Don't Beach Without Sunnies

Ring Beader of the Rack: Circle Circus

Knit Wit Brit: Bridget Jones Joneses for Junior

Pastel Belle: Or Should I Say Cinderella?

Flip This House; Fling This Bling

Trolling for Bargains: A Fond Farewell to Macy's of Voorhees

Oscar the Pouch: The Envelope, Please

At the Heart of the Batter: Conversation and Cupcakes with Christopher Walken

Merry Christmas: On Pins and Pine Needles

Pre-holiday Hodgepodge: Blue Christmas

Confection Connection: Oh, Sugar

Play Gardens: A Rose by any Other Frame . . .

My Fair Ladies: From Headgear to Hat Head

Legends of the Mall: Patch Madams

Puff Piece: Pompom Wonderful

Ladies in Waiting: 27 Tresses

Chris This: Hats Off to Columbus and a British Baby

Getup and Go: Comic Book Costume Look

Carnival Meats and (Un) Savory Treats: Food Fight or Flight on the Midway

Stars and Stripes and Boldface Types: Labor Day Denim and Day Glo

Cafe au Yay and Fostering Play: Old New York and New New Jersey

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Brigantine Too

Ruffle Kerfuffle: Of Monsters and Zen, What a Mother

Just Plucky: Sleuthin' and Stylin' with Stella Ducktropolis

From Pond to Bay: A Tall Tale of Turtles

Send in the Gowns: Three Ring Sumo Circus

Moving on Up: Opening the Doris of Possibility

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Please Let Down Your Cares: The Hairy Truth About Happiness

I Spy with my Little Eye the Candy Colors of Kawaii

Deer Valentine's Day . . .

Hoop Memes and Football Teams

A Prairie Gnome Companion: From Highbrow to Lowbrow and Every Hair in Between

Bohemian Barbie Jumps for Joy

Prep School Jewels and a Few Funny Flicks

Ryan's Goslings: We'd Follow You Anywhere . . .

Hanging with Mr. Cooper: A Labor of Doves

Paper or Plastic?  Teen Angst is in the Bag in John Green's Paper Towns

On the Sanctity of Fruit: From Farm to Fable

Books by Mail, Oh What a Tale! and Rufus Spills the Beans

On the Topic of Tropics and Happy Memorial Day

Bittersweet Stuff: Sparks and Citrus

Going Green

Split Personality Style

Decoden Deja Vu and Damsels Who Dig Mr. Darcy

At the Movies: Safe Haven

At the Movies: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

First Dance Florals

At the Movies: Silver Linings Playbook

At the Movies: The Guilt Trip

At the Movies: This is 40

At the Movies: The Amazing Spider-man

Kleenex Clean-up With a Hint of Magic

At the Movies: Ted

At the Movies: Wanderlust

At the Movies: Rock of Ages

At the Movies: This Means War

At the Movies: Dark Shadows

At the Movies: What to Expect When You're Expecting

At the Movies: The Five-year Engagement

At the Movies: American Reunion

At the Movies: Mirror Mirror

At the Movies: The Muppets

At the Movies: The Vow

At the Movies: What's Your Number?

At the Movies: Young Adult

At the Movies: I Don't Know How She Does It

At the Movies: New Year's Eve

At the Movies: Blue Valentine

At the Movies: Adventureland

At the Movies: Jack and Jill

At the Movies: Larry Crowne

At the Movies: Footloose

At the Movies: Real Steel

At the Movies: Take Me Home Tonight

At the Movies: Everything Must Go

At the Movies: Our Idiot Brother

At the Movies: Crazy Stupid Love

At the Movies: The Change-up

At the Movies: Captain America: The First Avenger

At the Movies: Friends with Benefits

At the Movies: Bad Teacher

At the Movies: Horrible Bosses

At the Movies: X-Men: First Class

At the Movies: No Strings Attached

At the Movies: The Hangover Part II

At the Movies: Midnight in Paris

At the Movies: Bridesmaids

At the Movies: Something Borrowed

At the Movies: Water for Elephants

At the Movies: The Adjustment Bureau

At the Movies: Hall Pass

At the Movies: Just Go With It

At the Movies: Life as We Know It

At the Movies: The Fighter

At the Movies: The Dilemma

At the Movies: Little Fockers

A Whole Trio of Something New and Sparkly Made by a Girl in Her Pajamas

At the Movies: The Other Guys

At the Movies: The Kids are Alright

At the Movies: (Diagnosing) Love and Other Drugs

At the Movies: Morning Glory (in Bloom)

At the Movies: (Froth and Fun Abound) in You Again

At the Movies: Surfing the Social Network

At the Movies With a Book Report: (Some Last Words On) The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

At the Movies: (Kicking Off the Fall Movie Line-up With) Going the Distance

At the Movies: Death at a Funeral

At the Movies: Rockin' Out with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

At the Movie: Some Thoughts on Eat Pray Love

At the Movies: Dinner for Schmucks

At the Movies: Youth in Revolt

Oh My Gosh, It's Another Shoe Montage and Sex and the City 2 Revisited

Fabulous Fish Tote and Some Thoughts on The Invention of Lying

At the Movies: (Handbag Heaven and Some Thoughts on) Sex and the City 2

Fish and Sweets

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 174

At the Movies: Dear John

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 166 - Outlining and Thoughts on The Truman Show

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 139 - Another Tote Completed

At the Movies: Avatar

At the Movies: Couples Retreat

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 74 - Friday the 13th Mishaps and Totes in Bloom

At the Movies: Julie and Julia

At the Movies: 500 Days of Summer

At the Movies: The Time Traveler's Wife

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