Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sera Sera, The Last Hurrah: Signing On for Summer's Send-off

Top: ELLE, Kohl's; Skirt: Vylette, Kohl's

LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's

Top: Marshalls; Skirt: LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's

From top to bottom: Modcloth; LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's; Betsey Johnson
Top: Marshalls; Dress: Kohl's

Old Navy

Sunglasses: Mudd, Kohl's

Yellow Feathered Friend Heart Barrette

Top: Rewind, Kohl's

Lucky Brand, Zulily

Betsey Johnson, Amazon

Top: LC Lauren Conrad, Kohl's; Clip: Capelli, ULTA

As you know, today, or possibly tomorrow, marks the first day of fall.  (The internet was unclear.)  But either way, it's the point of no return.  It's when the days start to get cooler and shorter, distracting us with pumpkin pie and flannel shirts until we're too full and cozy to notice that winter's veil has descended.  Okay, so that's a little dramatic.  But summer is my favorite season, and I always find it tough to let go.  So I thought, what better way to seal the deal than in an old-fashioned letter?  And also, while I'm at it, to share my favorite old school summer outfits.  So here it goes.

Dear Summer,

I'm sorry, as The Mamas and the Papas song says, that all your leaves are brown -- or soon will be.   Also, that I'll no longer hear the sound of your ice cream truck so cheerfully cranking out "The Entertainer."  Even though I never chased it for fear of looking stupid and also of being saddled with a corona cone.  Still, we had some good times.  Like when we got takeout crab cakes from that tourist trap restaurant.  Or when, after weeks of teasing us with raspberry chocolate chip and plain vanilla ice cream, Walmart finally delivered chocolate peanut butter.  Yes, both of those memories are about food, but we take our good times where we can.  Nevertheless, I'll also miss your lovely scenery, especially your wedding gown of a white snowball tree, your vibrant green grass, and your robin's egg blue sky.  They're burned in my memory, unlike the sunburn that I never got, or the funnel cake I never ate (both good things, by the way, as funnel cake smells like burnt carnies).  So have a long winter's nap and take care of yourself, and next year I'll see you again.   

Love and Lollipops Popsicles,

That's better.  Now I feel like I have some closure.  

And also that I can settle in and enjoy some of that pumpkin pie.


Samantha said...

Lovely montage of your favorite summer outfits! The yellow bird barrette looks so stunning with that beautiful blouse! You're so great at pairing things together and they look like masterpieces. I love that rose bow also, and the round statement necklace! The pattern mix of the red and white stripes with the yellow roses is gorgeous. The final photo of your braid is super pretty! Lastly, the farewell-to-summer letter was beautifully written - here's to pumpkin pie season! 😃

Dressed With Soul said...

It is so lovely how you decided to stay summer good-bye! And your summer looks are adorable and they took all a happy smile on my face! You are definitely my most beloved colour-queen <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Jewel Divas Style said...

Love the bird clip.

I'd be trying to flick it away if I wore it as I'd always feel as if something was in my hair. Which it would be...lol.

Dorey ♥ said...

im in love with this colorful and wonderful outfit <3