Friday, July 8, 2011

Courtesy of Cosmo - What You Could Have Bought - Sundress Extravaganza!

Express Yourself Strapless Dress, Lulu's,

Freeze Frame Two Black and White Dress, Lulu's,

Bumble Rumble Strapless Dress, Lulu's,

Day Spa Turquoise Striped Dress, Lulu's,

Belted Charm Stripe Dress, Charlotte Russe,

Roxy Stripe Lineup Halter Dress, Zappos,

My Better Half, Etsy, The Petite Chouette,

Spot On Polka Dot Dress, Lulu's,

Hawaiian Lei One Shoulder Fuchsia and Purple Dress, Lulu's,

Matrix McQueen Chiffon Dress, Zappos,

Ruffle Trimmed Floral Print Dress, Body Central,

Paintball Splatter Corset Sundress, Etsy, Avante Garb,

Volcom Evo High-Low Dress, Zappos,

The North Face Nandini Dress, Zappos,

Vans BonBon Dress, Zappos,

Steve Madden Tropical Floral Smock Dress, Zappos,

Volcom Southern Summer Cover Up Dress, Zappos,

Watercolor Wonder Print Dress, Lulu's,

Chevron Stripes Dress, Forever 21,

Fruit Cocktail One Shoulder Dress, Lulu's,

Tantalizing Tiramisu Pink Ruffle Dress, Lulu's,

Maelstrom Descant Strapless Yellow Summer Dress, Lulu's,

Belted Floral Dress, Venus,

Multi Stripe Knit Sundress, Charlotte Russe,

Bahama Mama Floral Dress, Lulu's,

Creole Cuisine Ivory Print Dress, Lulu's,

Rose Print Pencil Dress, Charlotte Russe,

Feather Print One Shoulder Dress, Charlotte Russe,

One of my favorite standbys in Cosmopolitan is the "What You Could Have Bought" section. Each month you get to find out how forgoing seemingly insignificant expenses such as ATM fees, coffee, and vending machine items saves you enough cash to spring for something fun. The July issue reveals that cutting out fast food meals twice a week will save you a whopping $768 a year, enough to score 16 sundresses! My imagination really started running with that one, and before long I found myself trying to come up with enough places to wear such a wardrobe! Thus inspired, I scoured the Web for the sunniest, splashiest frocks that Cyberspace had to offer and posted the best ones here for your viewing pleasure. (I meant to stop at 16 but couldn't help myself and ended up with close to 30!)


Jewel Divas said...

I like the colours of the first and third.

The Tote Trove said...

Those are my favorites too! I like the bold, graphic feel of them. I actually thought about buying the first one (why, I don't know, as I have nowhere to wear it and a closet full of similarly fancy and unworn frocks), but it was sold out.