Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Tote Troved Out!

Here I'm modeling an array of my handmade items. You've already seen the tote, which I now carry everywhere (so handy for stashing my paperbacks, which I'm never without), but the necklace, bracelet, and hand-painted jean skirt are new to you. I made the bracelet with none other than a honkin' Faux Show rhinestone cluster as well as some more sedate but equally fun faux pearls. I think the necklace is my favorite, though; the charms are so fun and graphic. They're part of a new line A. C. Moore is carrying. I'm looking forward to buying a bunch more to make a matching chunky bracelet. I painted the skirt to wear for my first craft show, Mayfest, last spring. Dressing for a trip to the movies, I decided to mix it all with this gold and black houndstooth tank for a fun, slightly mismatched look.

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