Thursday, August 27, 2009

Computer Crash!

If you're wondering why I haven't written lately, it's because my computer crashed. I thought it had caught a nasty virus through Twitter (which I will soon be quitting along with Facebook, by the way. Both are time consuming and kind of pointless; they take me away from crafting and writing with their false sense of urgency. 10 more Twitter followers! Have to follow back! Right after I post this shop update on Facebook!) Anyway, I put in a call to the good people at Dell and discovered that my McAfee anti-virus software was actually the culprit of my PC woes (how's that for irony?). So today I purchased and installed some Norton anti-virus software, and things are happily back on track. I'll be posting the stuff I've stored up in the meantime. (Yes, I've been scribbling my updates old school style in a spiral notebook. Seems even disconnected I just couldn't stay away.)

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