Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Gin Blossoms Come to Margate

When the bf told me that the Gin Blossoms were giving a free concert in Margate, I couldn't believe it. They're one of my favorite groups; their greatest hits CD was one of the first I bought when I started buying/collecting CDs (just one of my many collector-themed shopaholic ventures, but I digress.) Anyway, I had wanted to see them when they came to the Atlantic City Hilton last August, but the bf and I were moving to Brigantine the same weekend, and it didn't seem like a good idea. So, I was pretty excited last Sunday as the bf and I toted our beach chairs to Washington Avenue and into the throng of concert-goers. They came in all ages, including clusters of snide teenagers who insisted on making fun of everything, including the Gin Blossoms once they came on. We carved out a spot on the blacktop and plunked down our chairs -- mine was so low I could barely see anything, let alone the stage. What's more, some cheesy local and un-Gin Blossoms-worthy cover band was polluting the air. I stewed in my disapppointment a little but then thought, "Hey, snap out of it! You're seeing the Gin Blossoms for free! Plus, it's a beautiful night, and your bf is by your side even though he doesn't really like the band." I also managed to stop hating on the crowd, instead concentrating on all the interesting outfits people were wearing (one of my favorite pastimes). It occurred to me that Margate was a great place to do a craft show. I said as much to the bf, and he said if they didn't already have one, then I should start one. Hmmm.

The Gin Blossoms, of course, were great. There's something wistful about their sound that you don't hear from music made beyond the 1990s. (I realize that line makes me sound kind of old. Then again, I was about thirteen when the Gin Blossoms' first hit CD came out, so maybe I am old, at least to the snide teenagers.) They played all of their hits, including "Until I Fall Away," my favorite, and "Hey Jealousy," everyone else's favorite, which they, following unspoken concert playlist form, saved for last. They also played some new stuff, which was good (not usually the case when you go to a concert and hear songs you can't sing along to.) The finale was crowned with fireworks, which were spectacular. I especially liked the green ones because they looked like exploding broccoli. I managed to get a picture of the stage, although it's kind of blurred. I also got a picture of a guy sporting something between a mohawk and a mullet but chickened out of posting it here. Anyway, it was a fun night. Still, I will definitely buy tickets if the Gin Blossoms ever make it back to the casinos. There's just something to be said for paid seats.

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