Sunday, August 30, 2009

On a Roll

Recently, I received a query about my Lady Luck Bracelet (available in my Etsy shop) from the owner of a casino-themed novelty shop. That got me thinking, and I was inspired to paint one of my large totes with a casino theme. At the same time, I'd received a fresh shipment of paint from the Dharma Trading Co., which included some exciting new fluorescent shades. So, I set to work painting a wild green four-leaf clover, day glo pink cherries, a bright yellow horseshoe, and of course, black and white playing cards and dice. It was so much fun! I'm always trying to think of crazy, colorful, collage-style designs featuring cute images -- the larger totes make an ideal canvas for that - and this gambling spread was perfect!

I'm pictured here carrying the finished product. I'm also wearing my Candy Color Burst I Necklace, which was created with a PLAID Faux Show accent and is listed in my Etsy shop under Necklaces.

Also, I've just listed this tote in my Etsy shop (it's called the Casino Tote, and you can find it under Large Totes).

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