Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Off the Press

I've had a lull in craft show engagements lately (the last one I signed up for was cancelled) and decided to take the time to make some more stuff for myself. My addiction to Faux Show accents is alive and well in this fun, candy-colored necklace. (See my Fire & Ice post for other Faux Show inspired creations.) But it's the tote that I'm really excited about; it's my favorite out of all the ones I've made so far. That's probably because it features all of my go-to design elements: fruit, black and white checks, flowers, hearts, stars, color, rhinestones, and an overall graphicy, 1980s feel. It's also pretty roomy - 18 " x 13" x 4" - and sports a handy zipper. It's a great overnight/beach bag, which is how I'm using it this weekend. Can't wait!

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