Saturday, February 13, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 165 - More Tote Progress and Some Thoughts About Clothes

Not being able to take it anymore, I began working on the second coats of my tiny totes in earnest today. They're coming along nicely, although I think the koi fish one will need a third coat, thanks to the pesky blue canvas. Tomorrow, I outline. Although tedious, it's always a satisfying step.

I went out briefly this morning, to the post office and drugstore, which meant I got dressed instead of camping out in my pajamas the way I normally do when I spend the day painting. I went with my new turquoise acid washed skinny jeans, one of my favorite print tops, red plastic jewelry, and black pumps over black socks printed with little turquoise shoes. And you know what? I felt good throughout the day, not at all schlumpy the way I usually do when I "hibernate." This got me thinking: how many real people out there dress up to spend a day at home? I mean, on TV people are always done up in outfits and full makeup, just sitting around their houses drinking coffee and whatnot, leading everyone to believe that it's effortless and natural to be so put together, even when no one's looking. But it isn't. It takes definite effort to decide to put on something nice when you're comfortably and warmly swaddled in sweats. I imagine it's even harder for people who work from home. What's to stop them from never getting dressed? I like to think that I'd always dress if faced with this situation, that my love of clothes would somehow transcend the allure of laziness. Yet if I'm being completely honest with myself, I'm not at all sure that this would be the case. Which leads me to another thought-provoking question: Do we dress for ourselves, or for others? I like to think I dress for me, but how can that be true if the "me" on its own is almost always clad in a disreputable (read, paint-splattered) bathrobe? It's all very mind boggling. Thoughts?

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