Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Days 161 & 162 - Snowbound

My favorite of the bunch so far. The final version will feature black zebra stripes on the yellow.
The dark totes always present a challenge, because the paint barely shows up. But then I realized that mixing some of the colors with white makes them thicker and more visible.

I really like this one. But then I always love my dessert-related creations!

This one's kind of run-of-the-mill, but still cute.

A classic!

I can't seem to stop painting fruit.

A tiara and magic wand. Because hey, everyone likes to play princess, right?

The bf's Mr. Snowman (not his choice of name).
My office closed today due to this seemingly ongoing blizzard, so I delved into painting more tiny totes (well, once I got up at about 10:00). I realize that I should've finished the ones I started, but there's something fun about lining up as many designs as possible, A) because I have this compulsion to get my ideas onto canvas as quickly as possible, as if they'll fade away if not anchored down, and B) because if I start a ton of projects, than I'll be honor-bound to finish them. Whereas, if I finished each one in order, then I may not be quite as motivated to make more. We all have our ways of tricking ourselves into finishing creative projects. Like, when I was in college and needed to start writing a paper, I'd say to myself, now this is no big deal. You're only writing the first draft, getting your ideas down. Later you can polish it up - that's the hard part. Then, once I'd moved on to the polishing stage, I'd think, okay, this is the easy part. All the raw material is already there; all you have to do is clean it up. It's odd that all this cajolery was necessary, considering that I was an English major who loved to write. But there you have it.

For today's session, I temporarily migrated back to the living room (apparently I need TV like a plant needs light). I happily watched several reruns as well as Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and the late Brittany Murphy. The movie was silly but did the trick, and at the end I'm embarrassed to admit that I was a tad bit emotional. Must be this cabin fever.

In other news, the bf completed his own Challenge today by building a snowman. Better him than me. I hate snow and cold so much that I couldn't barely stand opening the front door to check it out.


FENNOfashion said...

How adorable the totes are! That is a good idea to mix white paint in with other colors to make them show up on darker fabric. I would have never thought about that!

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks! Yeah, the more projects I do, the more techniques I learn :)